Dear Privilege Customer,

We have a long tradition of trust & bonding with our patrons in many ways. We always believe is providing you the finest moment of shopping.
                Firayalal privilege card is not only a card, if n an extra ordinary reward programme to provide you the finest deal of the town.
             Be the member of Firayalal privilege card club and enjoy the benefits of shopping.

• Centrally Air Conditioned.
• Exclusive Wedding Range.
• Fully Renovated with New Look.
• A Family Store.


Every Customer is eligible to be the member of firayalal Privilege Card with a minimum purchase of Rs.1000/-.


Firayalal Privilege Card is Valid for 2 years. Our Platinum cards are for life time.


On every purchase of Rs.100/- you earn one point which will be credited in your account automatically. Simply show the membership card at our cash counter while making payment.



You will be our Classic Member with a minimum purchase of Rs.1000/-to 10,000 within a period of 2 years.

The moment your total purchase exceeds to Rs.10,000/-.You will be automatically be up-graded to our GOLD segment with enhanced privilege benefits.

Be the Platinum member with a purchase of Rs.25000 & onwards.



One Bonus is equivalent to
PLATINUM    - Rs.5/-
GOLD           - Rs.4/-
CLASSIC      - Rs.3/-

1.  These rules and regulations are formulated to make your shopping more comfortable and enjoyable.


  1. Customers are requested to deposit their Bags/Luggage/etc. In the belongings counter and take the token for the same.

  2. Please do not deposit any valuable items like cash, jewelry, mobile etc. In the deposit counter management.

  3. The store has been kept under surveillance and other security system. Please cooperate with the security personnel, if required.

  4. Please show your cash memo at the exit gate before leaving the store, if required.


  1. We will exchange products within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided the merchandise has been returned in undamaged & saleable condition with a valid cash memo.

  2. We do not exchange Lingerie & Undergarments, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Mobile Phones, Watches, Sunglasses, Jewellery and Gift Articles.

  3. Product brought under discount/promotional schemes can not be exchanged unless they are defective and have a valid cash memo.

  4. In case the merchandise has been altered it cannot be exchanged.

  5. Please follow the washing/usage instruction as stated in the merchandise as per our records.

  6. Your product is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

  7. Cash refunds will not be allowed. We issue only Credit Notes.

  8. In case of losses of Credit Notes duplicates will not be issued.

4.  Rates of all the products in the store are fixed. However occasionally promotional activities/schemes may be given by the management from time to time.
5.  Any promotional scheme given by the store can be amended or with drawn anytime, without assigning any reason.
6.   No guaranty on Saree for colour and Jari.
7. Dispute if any, shall be settled by the management.
8.  Any other rules not covered above, the decisions of the management shall be final and binding.



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